Grade 5 Class Teacher

Welcome to my class. I am Hannah Wright ( ) and I am a Class teacher for Grade 5. I teach Science to my pupils. I have the ability to establish cordial relationships with students and their parents. I am a Professional Educator with diverse experience and a strong track record fostering child-centered curriculum and student creativity. I love to exhibit a warm and caring personality and want all my e-students to be successful learners. I work to create a classroom atmosphere that is encouraging and adaptive. I had the privilege of supervising for fourteen years groups of trainees in preschool and elementary education in Quebec and BC. – Celebrate Life, Learn online!




Hello, I am Ila Khan ( ). I am a Grade 5’s Maths Teacher. I am experienced in developing and conducting online classes. I like to introduce life concepts into the maths curriculum.

I also facilitate teachers to go online.  I enjoy teaching online and that encourages creative expression. My ambition of wanting to become an e-teacher originates from my own experience. Being online helps me do research,  learn about new places, cultures and learning opportunities from around the world. “learning and evaluation situations can take place just about anywhere, we just need to seize the moment.”





Hello, I am Asma Pervez ( ). I am a Grade 5 English teacher. I effort to create an online classroom where my students enjoy learning. To achieve this, I engage students to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a learner: an element essential for them to become life-long learners. I share with my students what is expected, so they will know specifically what they need to improve on. A central theme in my philosophy of teaching is confidence. In any profession, and in anywhere one decides to live, surviving in society revolves around being able to express oneself and understand others. I am committed to maintaining high standards of education with an emphasis on developing comprehension skills in pupils – “every student has something to offer to the world”.



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